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Oak Creek, Arizona

Oak Creek is a sedative stream in Northern Arizona that will recharge one's batteries, and soothe one's senses. The day before this photograph was made, I had been sitting on one of the creek’s boulders. As I watched the fish swim in the clear waters, and listened to the rush of water over the creek’s boulders, I felt the cool breeze formed by water rushing over rock wash over my face. This elixir was intoxicating.

I had spent the night in a cabin steps away from the creek lulled by this symphony of stream flowing over boulders; wind finding its way through the trees fluttering the curtains on my window.

Before sunrise, I made my way down to the Creek, and set up my camera to make an image during the first light of the day. The technical side of making the photograph was the easy part; when not to trip my shutter was the difficult part in a mesmerizing setting like Oak Creek.

* Hand Printed by photographer Roy Pope on 11x14 silver-gelatin photographic paper
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