Roy photographs the world with a pair of loving eyes and a hugging heart.

Ghost towns. Rippling trout streams. Winter wharves. Few artists capture the depth of black and white photography as does Roy Pope. His deep passion for photography takes him through the four seasons to capture the spirit of nature. His images reveal the twisted knots of an aged tree and the sun-weathered paint of an abandoned house...the beauty in things we often overlook. Inspired by his love of nature, Roy photographs the simple things around him and creates images of admiration. One need only encounter a season's beauty to understand why.

He resides amongst the shadows of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona where legends dwell, folklore endures, Indian tales flourish, mysteries abound and superstitions breathe. He explores the world sensitively looking as absorbed, and as vividly as he can.

His black and white prints are handcrafted using traditional photographic printmaking techniques. This craft is generationally becoming a lost art form. For him there is nothing more breathtaking than a black and white photograph.

Roy's photos have recently been published in America 24/7 - A Nation Tells It's Own Story, as well as Getty Images.

Roy also participated in Alan Ross' Field Techniqes for Black and White Photography, his photo is featured in The Ansel Adams Gallery.

The National Geological Survey's cover photograph for the book "Verde River Headwaters" featured one of Roy Pope's photographs of the Verde Valley.