Masking Example


1 - Straight Print


2 - With CRM
 ·  3 - With CRM Grade 4  · 
4 - With CRM + SCIM (Final Print)
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SCIM Mask (Shadow Contrast Increase Mask)

CRM Mask (Contrast Reduction Mask)


  • Number 1 is the straight image on approximately grade 2 paper.
  • Number 2 is the image with a CRM, also on grade 2 paper. Note that the sky is not affected, but shadows and mid-tones are lightened.
  • Number 3 is the same as number 2 but printed on approximately grade 4 paper. Sky separation is much better due to the higher paper contrast, but the richness of the blacks is not quite good enough.
  • Number 4 is the final print showing the effect of a SCIM bump exposure added to the print.

The results: Cactus is much smoother in terms of the values compared to the straight print, yet contains crisp black accents giving the cactus a very tactile quality. Separation in the sky is much better than in the straight print mainly due to the higher paper grade. Also, it's important to note that the CRM had a sharpening effect on the image as well, attributing a crisp look to the cactus detail. Some burning and dodging was done on the final image as well, especially in the top right sky area.

"Saguaro" was the photograph used in the Radeka Photography Contrast Masking Workshop.